Skaros is a rocky cape just outside the village of Imerovigli. It’s difficult to imagine by looking at it, but the rock was once the site of a 13th-century fortress and village which was, at one point, the largest settlement on the island. With its elevated position overlooking the bay, steep sides and limited overland access, the fort withstood numerous raids and attacks over the centuries but was finally defeated by Mother Nature. Earthquakes caused by the Santorini Volcano becoming active in 1650 eventually led to the fortress being evacuated and it eventually disappeared into ruins, few of which remain. Today, it’s just a very cool viewpoint at the end of a short, well-marked hike. Incidentally, Imerovigli itself is often overlooked by sunset lovers, despite having a nice view. It makes for charming village scenery without the crowds you get in Oia.